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Photography is the story I fail to put into Words

Did you ever had difficulties trying to tell your story with your own words?

I found how to tell my story through photography.
Photographing is not just a way for me to catch that special moment, photography for me is the skill I enjoy one hundred percent. Everyone can become a photographer by simply buying some good equipment, and certify themselves as a "professional" photographer. Remember, the camera is just a tool, you are the one who is creating the image. If you don't have the 'eye' for let's say portraits, then you need to discover what you like by exploring every category.

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making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us

You can check my portfolio on the Instagram profile AXN.DIGITAL or over Pexels


You can find my images on *PEXELS, download and use them to repost to your Instagram account, your news articles, or whatever you want! All images are in high quality, without the watermark on them. Free of use for personal and commercial purposes. Enjoy 🙂

* If you noticed over the social networks, images which you can not find over PEXELS or on the site “AXN.DIGITAL“, and you want to download them, those photos are subject to copyright and it is forbidden to copy and distribute them, without valid/purchased license!
For all information and interest in obtaining a license, send an inquiry to

Let me answer some questions you might have

My name is Alexander Nadrilyanski, born in Bulgaria, lived in Serbia, and currently in Montenegro.
Photography is my passion, and I enjoy catching moments, that’s why I found myself being the best in taking shots at events, and concerts.

The idea of AXN.DIGITAL is to provide services such as taking photos at events, and making music videos for musicians. Also services such as web solution for your company, design, and similar.

If you hire me for your event, I will do my best to catch the best moments and provide the quality you need. I am fast, so you don’t need to worry about waiting days for the photos to be delivered to you. Usually the same day, or in 24 hours after the event is over, I will edit and send you your images with unique link from which you will be able to access and download them.

Once you hire me, and tell me the details you want me to catch, I am doing my job. I am able to travel in any city you need me, and abroad.
    • Plavi Orkestar
    • Perper
    • Teodora
    • Šćepanović
    • Silente
    • Čovek Bez Sluha
    • THCF
    • Divanhana
    • Vlado Georgiev
    • Dženan
    • Lončarević
    • Sergej Ćetković
    • Ana Kokić
    • Nataša Bekvalac
    • Darko Rundek
    • Mirza Selimović
    • Tropico Band
    • Ana Bekuta
    • Beauty and thebeast band
    • Haris Džinović
    • Amadeus Bend
    • Al’ Dino
    • Marko Louis
    • Julius Dein
    • Buč Kesidi
    • Hlado Pivo
    • Insolate
    • Senidah
    • Van Gogh
    • Paul Kalkbrenner
    • Asaf Avidan
    • Meduza
    • Robin Schulz
    • Satori
    • Space Motion
    • Coeus
    • Jonas Blue
    • Massimo Savić
    • Dejan Petrović
    • Big Band
    • Bend Bjesovi
    • Ritam Nereda
    • Iskaz
    • Bajaga i Instruktori
    • Parampaščad
    • Divolly & Markward
    • Fox & Surreal
    • Vojko V
    • Ann Clue
    • Boris Brejcha
    • Klinac
    • Ognjen
    • Sajsi MC
    • Tale of Us
    • Topic
    • Z++
If you have any questions, feel free to message me!
You can find and download the photos which are published on the social networks from PEXELS – high quality pictures, without the watermark.
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Why To Choose Me?

I can provide you high quality content, depending on your needs


Able to travel on your needs, and abroad.

Drone shoots

4K aerial video and photography.


Editing and sending your photos in less than 24 hours after the event.

Short Film-making

Able to create short advertisement video or after-movie.

Outdoor Photoshoots

Able to adapt in almost any condition required.


The final price depends on several factors like: how big the event is, where it is located, transportation, duration of the event, is there any accommodation or I need to find. Below you can see my usual prices. Keep in mind that the final price for you might ±vary.








*Every additional hour costs 25€
**The prices are displayed for paying in cash
***The prices above are for clients based in Montenegro
****If you want to pay through your company, additional 21% will be applied to the final price

High quality equipment!

I shoot with high quality cameras, and lenses only.

The best lenses and camera bodies of all times, so that you don't have to worry about the sharpness of the images that you will receive, or if the light condition where I shoot is low. I will be able to grab as much information as the camera can give me. I will push the equipment to the maximum.

Also when it comes to DJI, I use various equipment from that brand, such as drones, camera stabilizers and more.

What I like about Alexander is that no matter what the event is, be it a rock festival with sound names or a closed-type business seminar, you can count on him to blend perfectly into the ambiance as he is creating top-quality photo and video material. You won’t even notice he’s there until a couple of hours later, in the middle of the event, he sends you a link with selected and arranged photos.

— Tijana Kovacevic

Association Korina

15% off your 3rd booking

If you really like my workflow, my photographs, you like working with me, on your 3rd booking you will get a special discount.

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